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One day several years ago, my life resembled a wildfire.Every day it inched closer to taking down my whole internal village, and I suddenly knew what I had to do.What if the destruction took decades to regrow, or worse what if I lost myself altogether?And so, I plunged myself into an ice-cold river of truth and never looked back.


content & community

I spent 10 years at Red Hat, a leading open source tech company, learning how to design and grow a media site and its contributors at trickle of writers grew into hundreds. Our page views grew to millions. A couple of dedicated contributors grew into a group we dubbed "Correspondents," and we flew them into Raleigh each year to celebrate the power of our small-but-mighty tribe.Those were the golden years.Before COVID. Before a marketing department reorg. And before the business defunded the project and other open source community ones like it altogether.What endures are the people, the relationships. The skills, lessons, and practices learned. And my own passion for mission-drive businesses and teams.