Jen Wike huger

Content & Community Marketing


15+ years

I have a love for tending to communities through personal connection and the written word, plus good old-fashioned IRL. Spinning up tools to nurture those connections is the icing on the cake.I spent 10 years at Red Hat, a leader in open source technology, building an editorial process and team, nurturing hundreds of writers, and leading a community of dedicated contributors.Before that, I was in PR and an editor. Lately, I've helped startups jumpstart their marketing departments.Whether just starting out, spinning up a new division, or reviewing a department in a longstanding company, deciding what's important to invest in and what needs to wait is highly valuable for any business.

my writing


This is my writing space for the pure fun of it.Because writing is hard... unless it's easy.When we write about things we care about, that we're passionate about, writing finds an easier flow from heart to brain to page. And that kind of writing is important, to keep us happy and healthy, and grounded.When we need to write about something, even if we're passionate about it, for let's say, a product page or a sales sheet, things start to get tricky.Grammar, keywords, personas. Oof.Writing is easiest for me when it's about plants and my garden. What about you?